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In her Power Webinar : Step into your Power: Special Invite

By: admin on Wed 19 Mar 2014 7:18 PM under Business, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing

In honor of National Women’s History Month, I’m excited to announce my friend Helene Lerner is hosting a seven-part Webinar, based on her popular book, In Her Power: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self. It offers groundbreaking techniques that have helped thousands of women step into their power. My story is part of this book along with the others who inspired […]

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My thoughts on International women’s day – Being the Change

By: admin on Sat 08 Mar 2014 1:46 PM under balance, Business, Leadership, Management, Uncategorized, women

This morning, I woke up and I saw all these posts on internet on International Women’s Day.  The theme this year is Inspiring Change and gender equality. I believe this is a bit outdated. We have come a long way – I believe the theme for me is – Being the change. Being Equal. Sheryl Sandberg, COO […]

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Be Timeless

By: admin on Wed 05 Mar 2014 12:24 PM under Business, Communication, Corporate culture, General, Leadership, Management

  A lot of people are nervous about “Change”. In our modern times, we have also loaded this word with an expectation . The expectation is if you need to be in style, you need to change. Don’t be in style – because style in only seasonal. Be Timeless. Timeless is to be able to […]

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Elevate your associations

By: admin on Mon 17 Feb 2014 12:41 AM under Business, Communication, Globalization, Leadership

In any association, there is a transaction of energy, knowledge and emotion.  Though we are evolved as human beings, human beings are bunch of animals. We have the tendency to behave like the people we surround ourselves with, we model people around us and even imitate the people who are most powerful of the herd. […]

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What is Love?

By: admin on Sun 12 Jan 2014 1:20 PM under Business, Communication, General, Leadership, Management

Interestingly, this is the conversation with my some of my friends this weekend. In some strange coincidence or maybe intentionally created scenarios, I found myself discussing this subject. Clearly, this topic has no right answers and is left to interpretation based on our personal experiences – it is a timeless subject. We as human beings, […]

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Opportunity cost of money

By: admin on Thu 09 Jan 2014 9:44 AM under Business, General, Innovation, Leadership

There are opportunities and then there is money. And sometimes opportunity is to make money. And sometimes opportunity is bigger than money and hence comes with an opportunity cost. As you look into the future and what are the opportunities for you – the important distinction to remember is Opportunity is not equal to money. […]

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Why Seth Godin stands for Seth Guru?

By: admin on Wed 08 Jan 2014 10:38 AM under Business, Communication, General, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales & Marketing

We’re not going to outgrow our need for information. (Seth Godin) As a marketer, I have followed my guru (Seth Godin) religiously through the years. I have read most of his books, met him in-person, invited my community here to learn from him and most importantly I read his blog every single day. Along with […]

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Don’t Get Stuck – Reflection on 2013

By: admin on Tue 07 Jan 2014 9:38 AM under Business, Communication, General, Productivity

This is my first post of 2014. And it is perfect time to reflect on 2013. While reflecting is good, it is to be done in the spirit to see how to make the next year better. In essence, the task is meant to move you forward, onwards and beyond. I found that reflecting, moving […]

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Mobile marketing – Best and worst of 2013

By: admin on Mon 16 Dec 2013 8:20 PM under balance, Business, Sales & Marketing, social media

To all my passionate friends in mobile space, this is my point of view and any new insights are always welcome. So, let your passion take over and share what you think… Worst of 2013: For mobile marketers, distribution and discovery continue to be a challenge. The distribution and discovery gets harder even though we […]

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Login conference – Why we care about mobile gaming?

By: admin on Tue 05 Nov 2013 5:44 PM under Business, Gaming, Globalization, Innovation, Marketing, Presentation, Sales & Marketing

Recently, I presented at Login conference. Below are the slides from my presentation. Thanks to Seda Balci for inviting me. It was a great experience. Today, it is hard to imagine a day without mobile phones. Yet with every opportunity comes a breakdown. In the current ecosystem, mobile app discovery and distribution is getting harder. […]

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